About – A Background of Our Business

The only thing we love more than creating beautiful cakes is the expression on our customers’ faces when they see it. For birthdays, weddings, showers, public or corporate events, contact us today with your custom design requirements and we’ll make it happen.

Cheryl Clap Flour over Dough Cheryl Cracking Egg into Bowl

Our vision is to be Niagara’s #1 destination for specialty cakes and wedding cakes. The devotion of our customers will be earned through our friendly atmosphere, our delicious products and our affordable prices. I have been a certified pastry chef since 2003 and have worked under some of Niagara’s most recognized chefs, including:

  • Anna Olson
  • Micheal Olson
  • Peter Storm

These opportunities have given me the necessary skills and experience to start my own business, offering wedding cakes, 3 dimensional cakes and specialty cakes. My originality is largely based on your imagination. If you have a great cake idea, let me know and I will try to make your vision a reality. Cheryl